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Blade & Soul recently got its first expansion last week, but there are still some things that fans of the game might have been wondering. Siliconera spoke with NCSoft to discuss more on future chapters, what fans have been requesting, and the issue on bots in Blade & Soul.


What is NCSoft West doing about the bot problem in Blade & Soul?

Julianne Harty, Brand Manager: We’re doing a lot of stuff for the bots. This is unfortunately one spot we can’t be really transparent about. If we say what we’re doing bots will change. We’re constantly looking at patterns and behavior. It’s not enough. People seem to think it’s easy enough to stand there, see someone and go ban, ban, ban, ban, and ban. It’s exhausting.


We ban on an account basis. It’s still I don’t know of any MMO that has gotten ahead of the bot problem and honestly it comes down to why they’re boting. What is the rationale behind it? Some players need to get to whatever it is as quickly as possible and have it running. In other areas it’s a company running thousands and thousands of programs in order to buy gold and sell it to players. Players are buying gold and it’s like why are you doing that? We are trying to provide incentives for players to do things legally. We have our currency exchange, for example, so players can trade gold with each other. That’s not a problem. We still have a lot of tools on our end that we’re detecting and banning as much as possible.