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Any time you start off playing Blade and Soul you choose a server where by your character will stay. Sometimes gamers wish to maneuver to other server because of very low populace or because their close friends participate in on unique occasion. This guide will explain to you the way to alter server in Blade and Soul.

Present Character

You select a server in the course of character generation course of action. This step is important since appropriate now there is no approach to transfer present character to other server. When you have commenced to play about the very first instance you can not swap to the second just one. This decision is lasting for present character. Even people gamers who have VIP membership just cannot shift characters. The only solution to swap is usually to develop a whole new hero with the other server. All you'll need for this really is to obtain a minimum of one particular no cost spot for new hero.

As you see changing a server may be a major agony. In particular for those who have leveled up and have attained lots of gold. So listen to this phase if you start off participating in BnS.

New Character

When you've got not performed the game before you decide to never know the place to pick an occasion. You could do it all through character generation system. You might be questioned where you desire your hero for being positioned.


On the one particular hand the chance to maneuver heroes from a single instance to a different is basically demanded. You always should want to join new guild or you may possibly discover out that your friends participate in on distinct occasion. That's where by possibility to change should help lots. Within the other hand just about all the written content is cross-server. For instance auction will not be impartial for every realm, all players trade on the identical sector.