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By Matt Porter NCSoft has introduced the initial articles update for Blade & Soul today, and announced the game now has above two million players inside the US and Europe because launch.

The new update is called Rising Waters, and features three new pieces of max-level PvE material you can entry once you've defeated Vice Admiral Poharan.

In Bloodshade Harbor the six or 4 player Heroic dungeon, and its 24-player variant Nightshade Harbor, you'll be facing off against Blackram pirates and Admiral Hae Mujin.

Mushin's Tower is really a single participant Heroic dungeon, and the five new Hongmoon Levels will allow you to definitely gain knowledge beyond degree 45 and gain additional talent points.

Today also marks the start of the PvP preseason, and a different in-game UI will help you evaluate your expertise and earn the in-game currency.

Blade & Soul introduced within the West three weeks ago, and passed the one million participant mark just a week just after launch.